The first twenty years of my adult working life were in the military, ten years enlisted and ten years as an officer, operating satellites and leading people. Though that career was interesting, challenging, and exciting, my last few years I knew it was time to recreate myself to finally become the artist who had patiently waited on the sideline, filing her nails, logging love, death, and war for two decades.

I suppose my audience starts with myself. Maybe it goes like this – This is what I find interesting: the peculiar, tiny things that I notice or find lovely, or the strange, irrational actions people do to carry out their lives. It’s the not-so-magical vista, the old, worn out stay-arounds of the past, the novel, single-use trash of the current, that I find fascinating.

It’s not personification of the side-cast, inanimate objects, but my own wonder and melancholy at their bygone worth. These objects of former importance, they don’t care, but I do.

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