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Peabody Library

The Peabody Library has been on my list for quite a while. Since it’s only open to visitors Tues -Fri, I had to take advantage of one of my vacation days to visit. It was an easy trip on the Charm City Circulator, Purple Line to the Beautiful Mount Vernon area. Upon entering  the building, a security person directs you to the correct room, which is through a historical exhibit about George Peabody and the architect, Edmund Lind. Then you turn right, open the door to the library and walk into a breathtaking atrium of Neo-Greco architecture. Once the soreness in your neck sets in, from having raised your eyes toward the skylight for so long, you may wonder if it is possible to climb some stairs, to make your way to the top and tilt your head back down from the higher perspective. Alas, anything past the first floor is off limits to the public. Content yourself with the view from below, and the knowledge that there is still a working paper card catalog and a turn crank pencil sharpener.






Peabody Library
Peabody Library, Baltimore, MD