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An attraction such as a Museum of Industry may sound a little stuffy and boring, however, Baltimore’s is a well put together site of the types of business 20th century America thrived on. I adore interactive installation art, and the BMI is a walk something akin to that. Many of the rooms look as if they were just abandoned and you are lucky enough to explore them, even luckier if there aren’t many tourist (and with a subject like Museum of Industry, you are sure to have a near solitary visit).

Balt Museum of Industry-1
Haberdashery and Garment Industry
Balt Museum of Industry-4
Printing Plates

Balt Museum of Industry-2


Any photographer who appreciates vintage subjects, could spend hours getting some great detail shots of original hardware and visual ephemera!

Balt Museum of Industry-3 Balt Museum of Industry-5